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Newspapers play a valuable role in society, providing a powerful communications platform to inform the way we relate to the world.

Our digital Fairfax Media replicas are designed for easy patron use, offering library visitors and staff instant access to independent news from legitimate sources.
No logins, no passwords, no limits on concurrent users!


New Library Subscription Options

New for the 2017 school year, our All Replicas Pass provides unrestricted access to the digital replica of all three Fairfax Media news titles.


Our One Replica Pass allows unlimited access to your choice of one of the three titles we offer.


Library Subscription Benefits

Global & Local Insights

Credible Journalism

Ease of Access

Highly Incentivised

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
We’ll provide you with a link to access our digital replicas – no logins, passwords or apps required. Access will be limited to the library’s IP range, so users can only login while they’re at the library.

Are there limits on concurrent usage?
No. Library subscriptions can be used by all users and staff with access to your IP range.

How do I sign up?
Please contact

How do we get billed?
We’ll send you an invoice for the calendar year once you have elected your preferred subscription option.

What if I need assistance or further information?
Please email